Drax Group plc DRX


Dividend Growth (CY): 1 years
Dividend Growth (FY): 1 years
Dividend Yield: 3.6 %

Industry: Utilities
Sector: Electricity
Sub Sector: Conventional Electricity



Founded in: 2005
Drax Group plc is an electricity generation and distribution company that has also diversified into producing sustainable biofuel. The company reports in two segments, Generation (61% FY14 Revenue) and Retail (39%) where it sells electricity to consumers via Haven Power Ltd. It operates its namesake UK power station, one of the largest in the UK and is in the process of converting it to burn more sustainable biofuel instead of coal. It is primarily focused on the UK market, however it has also invested in facilities in the US to produce the biofuel for the Drax power station.

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